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Posted by Roshida Property at Saturday, April 14, 2012

I feel so blessed that i was given a chance to know how it is like working at offshore...last weekend i went to Kumang cluster..we went on board by helicopter...since kumang is so far away from shore and if we go by boat it will take like 12 hours to go heli it takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes..Currently there is subsea activity and the 100 crew stay on barge..quite a large no...i have the opportunity to look around the barge since they have invited operation people to join their BBQ session. So i joined them...that night they were having karaoke session and is nice for them to have such activity after a long day worked so away from family and land...*sedap x sedap nyanyi tu belakang kire..hahah*

but Kumang is good coz it is still new..and everything smells new...and function perfectly not like the other old good for people being in Kumang...Nice to work with u guys..peace...i couldn't take any photo coz dont have one and camera is not allowed at most area in platform..hehe

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spy leman said... Reply To This
Saya selalu pegi Kumang tp tak naik platformlah.
Buat kerja subsea je.
cenetos said... Reply To This
good...project subsea dah siap ke?

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