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Posted by Roshida Property at Saturday, April 02, 2011
Salam and Hi..I dont know who am i talking to right now..possibly none..but i just wanna express my condition for the past few months..since i didnt post anything about hmm..i dunno..i lost track when is the last time i posted to the blog (super lazy to check coz i am busy typing to this entry) o yeahh..Back to the story..which i am about to tell here it's about something i am currently into. This story begin last month++..when i was searching for something on the internet..to be specific is youtube channel..i found something good..i believe that all of us are fully aware that many people get famous through youtube right..but if you're not, i am wonder which generation you're in..basically, the ultimate celebrity who's started to famous from his youtube channel is Justin Bieber..sorry i dunno what is his channel's name because i'm not a big fan of him..woo..but i like his song though..Actually the things that i wanna tell is not about Justin..I wanna tell about Tom Milsom, he's channel is Hsxachordal only if you interested to know..(and yess this is the thing i am into right now)..he's a musician and singer..i cant help myself from hearing to his song again and again and again.it's really amazing...he's really good and brilliant..he's 22 this year..he can play like all music instruments..that's make him different i guess other than his electric blue hair..and i think i have watched almost all of his videos..i know i have been wasting my time watching all those videos..too bad..but at the moment i think i am slightly settledown..yeahh..congratulations to me..i'll post pic of Tom as well..

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