When u down..u lose the will to do anything..but..

Posted by Roshida Property at Tuesday, October 13, 2009
you keep blaming everything around you..and asking why it is goes so wrong..and that is what happenning to me right now..huaa..selalu jer mengeluh merungut dgn ape yg ak hadapi tanpa berusaha utk memperbaiki keadaan itu..then x pasal2 hanginn jerr..lek laa babe...

Yes..life doesnt always go my way..there is better way has been planned..

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schizophrenia said... Reply To This
yup.. believe in yourself.. be strong.... i noe u can do it... i'll always believe in you.. caiyok2..
Lady Ambitious said... Reply To This
Salam Cinet...

Hope Allah bless you always. If you feel down, I'm here to listen all of your stories.

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