Slumdog Millionaire...ost Jai Ho

Posted by Roshida Property at Thursday, June 11, 2009

zura kate dye ade beli 1 CD citer...ak pun ty la...

citer aper??...

best x??...

kalu best ak nak usual zura mmg suke citer synopsis citer2 dgr la sket2 citer tu pasal ape...sounds menarik...ak pun excited nak tgk...

citer "Slumdog Millionaire"
...msti ramai yg da tgk citer bg ak yg skang ni kurang mengupdet citer2 nie lambat sket la tgk...there's a lot of lesson learnt from the story..secare ringkas ape yg ak suke pasal citer nie:

1) about loyalty (Full marks here..very loyal, innocent and kind hero..i wonder whether we still have this kind of guy nowadays?)
2) when we determined to get something, we will do whatever it takes
3) everybody have our own experience and knowledge (showed the priceless things in our lives)
4) never look down on other people (especially low status one..)
5) child's right (msg to all adults out there we ever been kids so we suppose to know the joyous of being a kids..let them to enjoy their kids life..or else just don't destroy it)
6) last from me...freida pinto is cute~ look like jacklin victor a bit :)

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