Things you should not missed when you travel abroad

Posted by shidasanmil at Wednesday, November 21, 2012 2 new comments
Assalamualaikum and hello

last weekend i was travel to Bangkok..earlier it was a last minute plan for not to go..because i bought the tix last year and it's kinda i will not feeling wasteful if i didnt go..end up it also a last minute plan to everything was happened not in proper planning..

the story begin on 17th Nov 2012 saturday morning when we plan to go to LCCT by car was broke down 2 times in row during the journey..what i can say..its all test from Allah the almighty..He knows best..indeed every hardship there are reliefs...alhamdulillah Allah had sent to us those kind hearted people to help us..thank you..thank you..may Allah reward you for your kindness..

and finally we are safely arrived in Bangkok..because of my clumsiness i left the most important thing when traveling abroad..which is universal plug..luckily iPhone can be charge using USB cable..i used computer in my hotel to charge my phone battery..

So here i am listing the things you should be prepared when you are traveling to Bangkok:
1- Enough money in local
2- empty bottle - mostly toilet in Bangkok is pipeless
3- to write down address or name of the place you wanted to go in thai language - most of taxi driver dont speak english..but some just be prepared to make your life easy..get hotel/local people to help you with this..
4- and remember to always get the hotel card..because Bangkok is super duper busy and vast city..with 60 million people live in can be easily lost on your way back to your hotel.. (i have experienced this..hahaha)
4- Universal Plug
5- charger camera (if not your camera is useless ;X)

my last word..i love HCM city than bangkok city..peace..but both have the unique attractions..

thats it..
have a nice day

from malaysia


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