1 fully-exhausted day with great experience

Posted by shidasanmil at Saturday, January 16, 2010 1 new comments
Yesterday was a really superb experience i had gone through treasure hunt brought by YPC committee. i believe its not an easy preparation to organize such an excellent fantastic day to all YPCians..but they make it..good job men!! from it i know that there are a lot of things i didnt know about Miri.

Our team was given with name Rumaila 4 (honestly i dont know what is rumaila stands for..haha) We managed to finished all the task at all the checkpoints (8 checkpoints altogether). There are interesting uniqe-experience in every checkpoint for me..Here are the checkpoints has been set;

1- "silver riggers in actions"..which is at Canada Hill or Petroleum muzeum.

2- Then we go to clue "mini china park" at Miri City Fan because there is a small of china park there.

After that we go to Kampung sukan PETRONAS to play Paint Ball..Yeahh..thumbs up..not so bad for first time trial. hhoho

3- Esplanade been trapped in the box!

4- Miri Handcraft - i make my own bracelet okayy! hahaha..

5- Make sambal lalapan at Muara - with clue calling 088-888 8080..will u know it is lalapan shop? haha..we gone to airport oredi to find out..

6- Eastwood by the clue "Tiger woods". Here we need to dayung sampan and match countries flags (i totally have no idea about it..how little knowledge i have at my 25..huhu)..and the toughest part for us is to find out the golden treasure..which to find the floating and compass thing at the Eastwood!!..Again...it shows my tiny general knowledge..hahaha..today i googling about it..and found that a needle (or paper clip), magnet, tissue and a cup of water can be a compass! by just let the magnetized needle float on the water..hahaha..its a new thing for me..yess it is..thank you all..

7- Emart - We have to sing PETRONAS song at the Emart stage while peoples around looking at you..it was cool..something you should try when u feel down..hehe

8- and the last checkpoint is at field nearby Lutong beach..at first we dont know where is it because the clue was given is "Japanese bomb site". but finally cik Yam called her fren to find out where exactly it is. hehe..we are not cheating..its an effort to finish the game.. thanks to her fren indeed..Here we need to make our own kite and fly the kite for 20 sec without fell. yeah..the experienced i ever gain before been applied successfully in this game..hihi..1 of our fren said "is it your group that fly the kite without any difficulty?" ngeee..i just smile...

and that night we go to Rumah anak yatim hamidah and had dinner together with them..(my legs was crying at that time...) and at 930 pm..we got back home and rest..

1 thing i realized yesterday is that i can control my short-temper and i can accept the divine decree with a smiling face (because we got no 2 okayy...yess..no 2 from back..haha).. it is 1 of thousands things i wanted to do before i die..it was super slow progress actually..but slow with progress..isn't its sounds good? and i Wish for better day coming in the future..iA..

till we meet again..


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