When u down..u lose the will to do anything..but..

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you keep blaming everything around you..and asking why it is goes so wrong..and that is what happenning to me right now..huaa..selalu jer mengeluh merungut dgn ape yg ak hadapi tanpa berusaha utk memperbaiki keadaan itu..then x pasal2 hanginn jerr..lek laa babe...

Yes..life doesnt always go my way..there is better way has been planned..

New Property development

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Update sikit dari hasil surfing hari ini:

Ni project kt subang bestari - seri kejora apartment

Zone 7
5-Storey Medium Cost Apartment (with lift)
Price: from RM120,000.00
Total Units: 254 units
Built-up-area: 827 sqft

Lift, 2 carpark (1 open 1 cover), multipurpose hall, nursery, reading room, laundry, surau, shops, children playground


Agak menarik..tp location x menarik..

Yang nie pulak..project baru kt LRT setiawangsa..x sure pasal nie..tp org kate da wat land clearing..Name project die Setiawangsa LRT Twin Towers..Location tersgtla strategic..Mengikut my 2 cent knowledge bout property nie area Setapak, puchong n Ampang value of apreciation naik tgi..So kire location nie best la..tp price de x sure lg..


another one..


yang ni ak just usha² jer..tp mmg ramai yg berminat..sbb akan jd mcm 2nd KL sentral..n then yg dpt beli sume kroni² jer..hadoii..bese la tu

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